Our Company

Mission/Vision: The mission of IT Ideaz is to make every individual earn and step forward towards success. IT Ideaz help in motivate and shape the individual in such a manner so he/she will tend towards using innovative or fully different strategies for running the business.

Purpose: IT Ideaz is build to provide new, innovative web based business solutions which can lead an individual to the path of success. We are the upcoming leaders in the field of providing web solutions. As we are upcoming leaders so there is lot more, from our side to perform and this performance can also lead you to success.

IT Ideaz is being formed to provide the correct direction for doing businesses in the cyber world with whole new and innovative ideas. In today’s world where technology changes frequently and a one, is not able to forecast that what will happen next. IT Ideaz help existing and new businesses in running their business by providing commercial awareness. IT Ideaz help in shaping the company as per the needs and requirements of the market.


Business Concept

IT Ideaz have a well equipped team of User Experience Consultants. Our consultants work and develop new ideas by assuming the customer buying pattern which in result helps our clients in our higher revenues.

The four factors which helps IT Ideaz in providing unique web ideas whether in terms of well rooted Web Concepts or innovative Web Solutions are the dedication, motivation, passion and the aim of doing the best. IT Ideaz is formed with the inclination and eagerness of providing the best possible Idea suited to the clients Ideas and turning the dream into reality.


Graphics Designing & Website Designing

Graphic designing and website designing are most of the same things; the only difference is that graphic designing is the designing of graphics whereas Website Designing is converting that graphic into the website.

Designing is the work of conceptualization and thinking creative. Designing is the creative work in which it ideaz are very much specialized. The designers are not only experts in designing the website but they also keep in mind the crux of search engine optimization (SEO). The fundamentals of website designing includes some basic designing elements like- making the website Resolution Independent, Browser Compatible, alignment, color, shape, texture form and value.

The validation of HTML / CSS is essential for the correct search engine indexing of web pages and users visiting the site a better experience. Validate HTML code allows the correct display of the site in any browser, the website loads in a few seconds, etc. more info To see if our source code is validated: the W3C HTML validator.


Website Development

Incoming links are an important factor to assess Google a page, but if these links come from sites of poor quality is not conducive to the website. While it is true that the links are an important factor when positioned with the Google algorithm, this is one of many factors. It is something that is said often, but having something that people want to see or use unique content and attractive, useful tools and services is also a factor.

Other factors may include site structure, if the words of query that performs the user appear in the title, the proximity of words in the same page, etc.. Continue reading Google note on poor-quality inbound links.


Internet Marketing

Hiring an SEO is a very important decision that can improve your site and save time, but also risks damage to your reputation. If you are considering hiring an SEO Web positioning service, the sooner the better. A good time to hire these services is when you change your site design

Web or going to publish a new Web site. In this way, you can ensure that the website has been designed in accordance with the requirements of search engine . However, a good SEO positioning may also help improve an existing site.